European Hair

European Hair

About European Hair:

Russianology provides the highest quality in European hair extensions.

Our European hair consists of silky smooth, double drawn hair with a soft wave & natural curl. The hair holds curl well but does require a little more work when straightening. It is full of body, endlessly versatile and wearable. It is naturally available in a range of colours, avoiding the need for aggressive bleaching. Other than the gentlest and most skilled colouring to extend the range, the hair is unprocessed in any other way, leaving it in its natural condition.

Our European hair is fabulously soft, luxuriously glossy and in excellent condition. It is collected in Spain & Italy.

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How to Order

Guide on what to order:

All our wefts are standard width 11", however please email for different widths if needed
For added thickness to fine hair we recommend 1 weft
For added thickness & few inches length we recommend 2 wefts
For more than a few inches length & thickness we recommend 3 wefts.

The Order Process:

(1) Provide a colour sample via post or at a consultation, along with all measurements, weights & lengths.
(2) Pay 50% deposit on ordering (remainder to be paid at the collection of fitting).
(3) We will process your order as soon as a colour sample, payment & details are received.
(4) Your new hair will be ready within 3 weeks.
(5) Collection in person is available from our Russianology experts,
or you can pay for next day special delivery to your door.

European Recommendations

Hand Tied Wefts:

Russianology offers the option of hand tied wefts, which are professionally handcrafted with double drawn hair. The wefts are an immediate solution for gaining additional length and volume, and the use of our luxurious hair ensures the weft feels light, natural and behaves exactly the same as your natural hair.

The benefits of our hand tied wefts are that they do not lose hair due to shedding and are hard to detect, creating a really natural look that is easy to maintain on a day to day basis.

Each weft is custom made in-house for all individual requests, meaning the length and width can be chosen for the perfect fit. Being handcrafted also means that the weft density can be selected, so the weave can hold as much or as little hair as needed, depending on how full and thick customers desire their hair to look.

Our standard sized weft is 11 inches wide.

Weft Recommendations:

We recommend 1-2 wefts for adding volume & thickness.
2-3 wefts for adding length and volume for fine to medium hair.
3-4 wefts for adding length and volume to thick hair.

All of our hand tied wefts are made to measure and the prices quoted online are for our standard 11” width weft which usually fits from temple to temple. The size of weft needed for each individual client may vary and if you require prices for larger or smaller width wefts you can contact us via e-mail or telephone. Please ensure that you check measurements prior to placing an order as we can not be held responsible for misfitting or wrongly measured wefts.

Hand tied wefts can not be cut so please check that our standard 11” weft is the correct size or contact us with your required measurements.

Custom made wefts can take anywhere up to 3 weeks for collection & production.

Virgin hair can be coloured by a Russianology expert to any colour as any virgin (natural) hair would be. To colour virgin hair to blonde we recommend ordering medium to light brown.

Weft Weights:

Weights are as a guide and may vary slightly from what is quoted
12 Inch – 25 grams
14 Inch – 30 grams
16 Inch – 35 grams
18 Inch – 40 grams
20 Inch – 45 grams
22 Inch – 50 grams
24 Inch – 50-55 gramsdium hair.
3-4 wefts for adding length and volume to thick hair.

Weft Weights - for medium to thick hair:

Weights are as a guide and may vary slightly from what is quoted
1-2 wefts for adding volume & thickness.
2-3 wefts for adding length and volume
3-4 wefts for adding long lengths


At Russianology we understand our clients requirements and offer the most discreet undetectable I-tip. Fitted individually to create a more natural look. Suitable for clients with fine hair. Please email for more information regarding I-tips.

Loose hair:

Hair is also available loose in bulk.

European Hair Prices

Hand Tied Wefts:

14" 30 grams £240
16" 35 grams £260
18" 40 grams £305
20" 45 grams £315
22" 50grams £330

* Standard 11" width..

Extra Thick Hand Tied Wefts:

14" 45 grams £280
16" 50 grams £300
18" 55 grams £325
20" 60 grams £355
22" 65grams £370

* Standard 11" width..